We contacted snom to schedule a meeting at an international Expo but they were overbooked and our offer was declined. Then, one week before the Expo, their Marketing Manager contacted us to translate their product line up in time for the Expo!


Translating the snom product catalogues plus several product sheets one week before an international Expo was not an easy task considering that we were only awarded 48 hours to complete our translations and quality checks so that their print shop would have enough time to print the catalogues.


We assembled a team of expert subject matter translators specifically selected for this project. We prepared the project using one of our translation memory tools which allowed us to carry out the translations respecting the original editing format. The translations were then proofed and exported back to the original format. A professional testing team, clearly defined processes and a dedicated project manager to oversee the whole process and ensure a timely delivery of all the localization assets are all part of our success story.

Outcome / Result

The snom product catalogues were launched on time for the international Expo and were handed out to clients from around the world. snom was very happy with the service Localsoft provided.

Expert Tip

Proper planning is essential for a successful localization. If you are translating print material, keep in mind that your printing company may require several weeks to print (depending on their workload) and you should allow a few extra days for ink setting and delivery. We highly recommend using a professional localization company like Localsoft that understands the process and helps you make your deadlines.