Localsoft provides a one shop solution for all your localization needs. With thousands of localized game titles completed, we offer premium localization services for the games industry including translation, proofing, desktop publishing, subtitling, audio and testing.

  • Videogame Localization Experts since 1988

  • More than 3000 video game titles localized

  • More than 1500 video game translators
  • Native target language linguists and testers

  • Secure biometric testing labs

  • First Party test kits

Video Game Translation Services

Localsoft provides professional translation services for the video game industry. All of our translators are carefully tested, selected and trained to provide the highest level of quality. Our translators only translate into their native language and all files are proofed by a second linguist before delivery. Our translators are passionate about games and know the latest gaming terminology and guidelines.

Video Game Audio Services

Localsoft serves the video game industry with outstanding audio services that enhance your games and presence in the international market. You can trust Localsoft to produce your multilingual dubbing and pre/ post-production tasks within the agreed timeline achieving high quality results.

Video Game Testing Services

In today’s global market, testing has never been so important. Mistranslations, spelling mistakes, cultural misinterpretations, overlapping or overrunning text, incorrect audio files, improper First Party guidelines, etc. can lead to player disappointment and ultimately a loss of reputation and sales. Localsoft offers Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) and Functionality Testing in our secure testing labs to ensure the final quality of the assets in your game.

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