E-learning is commonly used by companies for regulatory compliance, IT skills and soft skills training, as well as for compliance training, continuing professional development (CPD) and other valuable workplace skills trainings. In education, reports from the Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics show that one third of all students now take at least one online course.

Localizing your e-learning courses gives you access to the global market, where you can reach out to millions of users in their native language.

The most common elements that require localization for e-learning are:

  • Written content
  • User Experience elements (e.g. navigation buttons)
  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Formatting (e.g. currency and date formats)

Planning for Multilingual Content

When producing a new course, bear in mind localization from the start. This will have an influence regarding how the language is used and how the text is structured within the different elements of the course, saving valuable time during production.

Text Expansion

During translation, some languages use more text or longer words to express the same meaning as the text written in the original language. This can cause issues specially during the voice-over recording and subtitling processes.


Graphics and other visual elements require extra care so your message is properly portrayed in different cultures, especially when dealing with appropriate colors and images.

File Formats

It is important to provide all e-learning content in editable formats so that the translations can be incorporated easily without having to re-create the files. This especially applies to images, videos and audio.

Why Localsoft

Localsoft has been working with multimedia projects for more than 30 years, helping companies like yours expand to the global market. We offer a turnkey solution for your e-learning projects, from localization planning to final deliveries and testing.

Our Services

  • Translation of interactive content

  • Audio script translation

  • On-screen text localization

  • Graphics localization

  • Voice-overs

  • Audio and post-production

  • Linguistic QA Testing

Our Offer

  • Glossaries

  • Style Guides

  • Server based translation tools

  • Translation Memory

  • Translation Management System (TMS)

  • Recording Studios Worldwide

At Localsoft we work with hundreds of linguists, testers and voice actors to provide you with best quality multimedia and e-learning localization services.

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