Localsoft offers premium audio services that enhance your products in the global market.

We provide professional audio services for international markets through our network of expert recording studios armed with a large number of professional voice actors per studio.

Voiceover / Dubbing

Voices are recorded in each country using professional, native-language voice talents. Localsoft supervises every aspect of the process, from project management to the translation of your scripts, proofing, time synching, selection of the voice talents, voice direction, pre- /post-production and quality assurance to gift your projects with the sound of perfection.

All pre and post-production tasks are performed in our centralized studio (Hub). This allows us to streamline the process and is especially important for example when applying sound effects or normalization levels across different language audio files. It also allows us to produce a similar sound in all languages.

All of our recording studios use Pro Tools, Neumann U-87 microphones and state-of-the-art equipment. The expertise of our sound engineers combined with the enthusiasm and professionalism of our voice talents and our localization knowhow provide outstanding results.

You can trust Localsoft to produce your multilingual dubbing and pre/ post-production tasks within the agreed timeline achieving high quality results.

Our Services

  • Voiceovers / Dubbing in 50 languages
  • File Cleaning / Conversion
  • File Synching / Editing

  • Project Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Script Translation and Proofing

  • Talent Booking

  • Voice Directing

Our Offer

  • Centralized studio (Hub) to streamline the workflow
  • Large pool of professional voice talents worldwide

  • Professional in-country recording studios worldwide
  • Professional sound engineers

  • Remote recording session participation in real time

Do you want to record your audio project in several languages? Give us a shout! We are happy to help.

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