For more than a decade, Localsoft worked with a billion-dollar IT company localizing most of their products for the international market.


They expanded their list of products and one of their staff decided the best strategy was to set up an internal localization department at their company. At the time, the service Localsoft was providing amounted to approximately 100,000 dollars per year. Their new localization department was 20 people strong, costing them more than one million dollars per year.


We suggested that they continue to outsource their localization needs because setting up an internal team was not cost effective, as they did not have enough volume to justify the investment and localization was not their core business.

Outcome / Result

They went ahead and set up their internal localization department and ended up paying more than 6 million dollars over a 6-year time span for a service that would have cost them 600,000 dollars. They could have saved 5.4 million dollars by continuing with the outsourced model, with Localsoft as their localization partner.

Expert Tip

Although your internal staff has a comprehensive knowledge of your products, they may not possess the localization expertise, understand the target markets or they may have additional responsibilities that can slow down the localization process. Localsoft provides linguistic and technical knowhow as well as international project management expertise for as many languages as you need. Localsoft helps you launch your products on time and on budget.